Hello World! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Welcome! here you will find information about commissions, my work and my RRSS, if you want to ask about something that does not appear here, I invite you to write me through twitter!

Portfolio (Models n Renders)

Mei (Overwatch)

Raum Eternal Devilry (Paladins)

Slone 3.0 (Fortnite)

Kimiko (Fortnite)


I am able to create both renders and models, In the case of models, I can use SFM and DAZ3D models, however I only pass the models to Blender, I do not do the reverse (Blender to SFM/DAZ), during this last time I have been focusing more on the creation of models (I am still not 100% able to create something from garbage) however I keep learning to keep improving my renders, to create a model depends a lot on the character to work and the material you have to use, all this is seen by DM

About me! {◕ ◡ ◕}

I do all this as a hobby, even so I am studying at the university something related to 3D so I see this in a "professional" way, that's why I try to make this as professional as possible, so you can receive a quality work and with a good treatment from me, any constructive comment is very well received, I'm here to learn and teach some things ♡.

Contact me (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Do you want to know extra information? do you want to make a commission? or maybe just talk about life with me? Here I leave you my social networks so you can contact me! I'll be happy to talk to you! ♡.

[email protected]


Here you will find reviews from people I have worked with! ♡.

- The page will ask you for a name and email, but you can put a made up email for privacy issues and there should be no problems, you can put "[email protected]".
- In case of being anonymous, you put that as name


Prices are not fixed for all models, they can change depending on the model, however there is a base price for all, which is 60$, it can decrease as it can increase depending on what is requested: additional clothes, just adding a rig, weight correction, porting a model, or a model made from 0 (1.).The order of my priorities goes with the order of the payments, which by the way can be 2, a part at the beginning of the commission (amount to be discussed according to the total price), and the rest at the end, this for order and comfort, however I accept full payments from the beginning, what I do not accept is payments at the end of the model.


- I don't do futa and fem models at the same time, it is destructive to my workflow, at the moment it must be futa or fem, you can't switch between them.- When making the payment, YOU MUST WRITE IN THE PAYPAL MESSAGE WHAT THE PAYMENT IS FOR, example, if it is X$ for a Lynx model of fortnite, in the message place "Payment for Lynx model - Fortnite".- It is very grateful that you write me a long message, word document or even a .txt where you put EVERYTHING you want for the model, so you are not telling me one thing after another and never finish, better to know everything from the beginning, this helps my organization and the duration of work.- I also appreciate photos of references, no matter how small the details are, do you want the feet to have a specific shape? do you want the eyes to be similar to those of x character, attach me photos for it?

(1.) I don't consider myself good enough to make any model from scratch, but depending on what is requested, I may feel able to deliver a good result.*
(2.) Any other questions or doubts write me via Twitter or Discord